We’re back!

Boilerplate Digital is back and better than ever!

Originally formed in 2009 as an promotions and marketing management venture, Boilerplate Media has since pivoted and diversified, adding Boilerplate Consulting into the fold.

At Boilerplate Consulting, we’ve moved into doing more editorial and copywriting work, content strategy, and content workshops, letting our expertise with content (with words) take center stage. Meanwhile, over at Boilerplate Media, we’re focusing on publishing the most exciting stories we can get our hands on, from short story anthologies to indie tabletop games.

We understand that the independent publishers and performers who make the world so wonderful to live in might not have the time or the spirit to do the specific grunt work to make the words look good. That’s where we come in. Even if you’re already a wordsmith, editing your own writing is a fool’s errand. Let Boilerplate Media take care of you! Holler at us today!