We deliver writing workshops and content training for teams; one-on-one writing coaching for individuals; LGBT diversity workshops for groups.

One-on-one Writing Coaching for authors, masters & doctoral students, game designers, and anyone who wants to learn how to communicate more effectively.

One- and Two-day Writing Workshops for teams— covering idea generation, keyword research and maximizing SEO, writing structure, creating editorial calendars, and maximizing outreach with newsletters and social media.

LGBT Inclusivity Workshops for teams— giving you and your team the tools to become allies for the diverse LGBTQ communities, and moving toward making your office a "safe zone" for all people.

Workshops, coaching, and training sessions are tailored with goals specific to the availability of your team while meeting the needs of your budget.

A typical one-on-one writing coach contract is $50/session, two sessions minimum. For additional rates and more information, use the quick contact form below, or email: boilerplatedigital+training@gmail.com

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