Rudolph, the Red Pen Editor

Ho! Ho! Hoe! Ho! Happy Holiday Season!

Once upon a time there was an editor. Everyone made fun of them because they had a red pen that they loved to use to mark up writing. Really, though, people made fun of the editor because they were afraid of the red pen. But the red pen is nothing to fear! Like that one reindeer and his shiny nose, the light of the red pen will guide you on your way!

Seriously, I know it can be hard to look at the comments from an editor and not feel a sting, but, unless you have a crappy editor, we’re not making marks to be mean. We’re making marks to make sure that the words on your page convey the thoughts in your brain, rather than merely reflecting them. We’re making sure you’re not only heard, but understood. So don’t fear the red pen!

Anyway, how about some updates?

Update:Red Wins In Six“— the little mini card game we’ve got in a Game Crafter contest (the contest was to make a game that fits entirely in an 18-card “hook box” deck)— is available for sale! It’s cheap (less than $10 after shipping) and it fits in your pocket (or a stocking!). It’s totally the perfect Secret Santa gift, too. Get your copy today!

Update: The “font-size and colors proofing deck” has come back, so the other two games we’re working on are now ready to move into the physical proof-of-concept phase. Holler if you want to play-test and review anything.

Update: Our Holiday Sale / Charity promotion is still happening! You’ve got about two more weeks to get in on this deal— pay for up to 50% of your editing contract in charitable donations! It’s a win-win-win for you, us, and charity!

Happy Winter, yall!