Boilerplate Digital works with individuals, teams, and smaller businesses whenever language matters.

Who are we?

We're a small team of educated and experienced writers, editors, and language teachers.

Most of the time, you'll be working directly with Boilerplate Digital founder, Douglas Bigham. Doug has a Ph.D. in Linguistics and over a decade of experience in guiding research, technical, and creative writing projects. He's been a writer, a teacher, a presenter, and a corporate content strategist. He knows a word's worth, y'all. You can find him on LinkedIn, or check out his experience, here.

Do we do remote coaching and training?

Of course!
One-on-one coaching is just as easy over Skype as it is in person, and Strategy jobs are usually completed remotely after initial consultation.

Workshops and Trainings can also be handled remotely, depending on the scope and needs of the project.

How quickly will I get feedback?

We have several flexible timelines to suit your needs, and on all projects, you'll get initial feedback in less than a week.

How much does it cost?

Each project is priced individually according to your needs and timeline. As a very rough guide, writing coaching is typically $65 per session and basic copy-editing is about $3/page. Copywriting services vary according to the project, but expect at least 35ยข/word for limited-use copy.

Workshops and Training sessions for teams are priced according to how many people are attending, what your goals are, and what kinds of guidance you're looking for.